The First Response is Not The Last

Once notified about a situation that warrants the response of the Hundred Club of DuPage County, a representative visits the family within twenty-four hours. A chief, or other delegate, of the department to which the police officer or firefighter belongs, accompanies the Hundred Club liaison. The first response visit is usually short, about ten minutes – just enough time for the Hundred Club liaison to express the sorrow of the Club, the Police or Fire Department, and the community, as well as present the anguished family with a $5,000 check to assist with immediate cash needs.

Shortly after the initial visit, a Hundred Club liaison makes a second visit to the family. Jointly, they review the entirety of the family’s financial needs. The Hundred Club, immediately, works to remove pending debt from the family – it pays some, makes better financing arrangements for others, and secures better rates for the rest – disbursing funds directly to the creditors. This involvement eliminates the family’s concern for these debts, thereby promoting healing as well as management of crisis.


In addition to the funds applied toward debts, the Hundred Club provides extensive educational assistance to families of stricken firefighters and police officers. The Scholarship Program is designed to enable the spouses and children of these families obtain an excellent, continuing education, covering years of normal educational expenses, such as tuition, room and board, books, and fees, whether for training or a higher education curriculum.

The Illinois State Scholarship Commission, under the Policeman/Fireman Dependent Grant Program, may also provide grants to eligible students who attend approved schools.

Special Awards

The Hundred Club of DuPage County may bestow a Compassion Award to families of public law enforcement officers and firefighters throughout Illinois who have lost their lives or been seriously injured, whether or not the incident was duty related. The liaison chiefs base these awards on recommendations to the Board.

The Hundred Club Award of Valor is a life-long honor of law enforcement officers and firefighters chosen by their peers for heroic actions above and beyond the normal expectations of their duties and their jobs. Award recipients and their spouses are Club guests at an annual dinner and commemoration, as well as honored guests at future ceremonies.

Award of Valor Honor Roll

Officer Margaret Hopkins – Elmhurst Police Dept Officer
John Pacewic – Elmhurst Police Dept Officer
Jason Sluzewicz – Oakbrook Terrace Police Dept.
Lieutenant Josh Turen – Westmont Fire Dept.

Officer Thomas Gilligan, Bensenville Police Department;
Firefighter Chris Guare, Glen Ellyn Fire Department;
Firefighter/Paramedics: William Kostelny and Benjamin Bezaire from Naperville Fire Department

Firefighter / Paramedic Donald Newberry, Hinsdale FD
Firefighter / Paramedic Thomas Bradtke, Naperville FD
Firefighter / Paramedic Charles Gros, Naperville FD
Firefighter / Paramedic Daniel Majewski, Hinsdale FD
Firefighter / Paramedic Chad Langellier, Naperville FD
Officer Sergeant James Schlicher, Westmont PD

Officer John Majeski, Westmont PD
Officer Gregory Hausner, Westmont PD
Officer David Hamblin, Westmont PD
Officer Sean Ryan, Westmont PD
Firefighter Michael R. Small, Glenside Fire Protection District
Firefighter Christopher T. Wallin, Glenside Fire Protection District

Sergeant Steve Schindlbeck, Naperville PD
Officer John Reed, Naperville PD

Dectective Paul Carney, Elmhurst PD

Officer Timothy Kobler, Willowbrook PD
Officer Robert Schaller, Willowbrook PD
Officer Lauren Kasper, Willowbrook PD
Firefighter Charles Corrao, Tri-State FPD
Firefighter Jeffrey Kier, Tri-State FPD

Officer Jason Bradley, Glen Ellyn PD
Officer Dennis A. Keefe, West Chicago Fire Protection District
Firefighter Timothy J. Hodge, West Chicago FD

Lieutenant Jim Glennon, Lombard PD
Officer Jerry O’Meara, Lombard PD
Officer Joe Statkus, Lombard PD
Firefighter Richard Cassady, Glenside FPD
Firefighter Chris Cavanaugh, Glenside FPD

Officer Daniel Kelly, Lombard PD

Commander Mark Shelton, Willowbrook PD
Officer Jose Chavez-Jimenez, Willowbrook PD
Officer Steven Pokorny, Lombard PD

Deputy Angela Conn, DuPage County Sheriffs Office
Deputy Lance Todd, DuPage County Sheriffs Office
Firefighter Joseph C. Ostrander, Tri-State FPD
Firefighter/Paramedic, James Skrabel, Darien-Woodridge FPD
Firefighter Jeffrey H. Kier, Tri-State FPD

Trooper William Smith, District 15 Illinois State Police
Sergeant Marc DeLise, OakBrook PD
Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Tasso, Downers Grove FD
Firefighter/Paramedic Roger Padgett, Downers Grove FD

Officer Thomas Stepanek, Bolingbrook PD
Firefighter Amy Grissom, Naperville FD
Lieutenant Dwight Becker, Wheaton FD
Firefighter Donald Dunfee, Wheaton FD
Firefighter Richard Davis, Carol Stream FD

Firefighter/Paramedic John Bockrath, Downers Grove FD
Firefighter/Paramedic William Lurnino, Downers Grove FD
Firefighter Jeff Pindelski, Downers Grove FD
Officer Bruce Beck, Bloomingdale PD

Firefighter Kevin Mulligan, Carol Stream FD
Firefighter Brian Powell, Carol Stream FD

Firefighter Terry Ticknor, Darien/Woodridge FPD

Sergeant James Bedell, Naperville PD
Firefighter Steve Watkins, Lisle/Woodridge FD

Sergeant Terry Baney, Wood Dale PD

Officer Kevin Orr, Carol Stream PD
Officer Patrick Konior, Carol Stream PD
Firefighter/Paramedic Vince Zaccardi, Villa Park FD

Officer R. Angie Zucchero, Burr Ridge PD

Officer Joseph K. Baki, Glen Ellyn PD

Sergeant Lawrence Bieneman, OakBrook Terrace PD
Officer Anthony Ragucci, OakBrook Terrace PD

Sergeant Frank Trout, Westmont PD

Officer Robert Porter, Downers Grove PD

Deputy Chief James R. Simon, Lisle/Woodridge FD

In Loving Memory

Sergeant Allan Mollson, Lombard Police Department – September 27, 1986
Trooper John H. Kugelman, Illinois State Police, November 10, 1986
Chief Terry W. Reiter, Downers Grove Fire Department, June 18, 1990
Lieutenant George Winckler, Naperville Fire Department, October 18, 1991
Officer Michael Browning, West Chicago Police Department, April 20, 1992
Deputy Chief Walter T. Beahan, Bloomingdale Fire Protection District, September 6, 2012
Sergeant Dan Figgins, St. Charles Police Department, April 9, 2005
Deputy Chief Mark Johnson, Hinsdale Fire Department, September 20, 2010